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Hi, I'm Dr. Kaitlyn N. Staal, ND, MSAc. I am a Connecticut state licensed Naturopathic physician and have been in practice since 2015. Seeing patients and helping them heal over the years has lead me to understand the mind-body-spirit connection in ways I had never imagined. In addition to herbs, nutrients, and more widely accepted means of healing, I have become well versed in many energetic medicines and the more subtle energetics of the human body. ​

For years now, I gratefully practice and observe that both science-based healing and the less understood modalities of energetically-based healing are equally profound and valid methods of rediscovering yourself and your wellness. 

I see no disconnect between science and spirit-based medicine; I recognize that they are crucially linked to one another. I focus on the Scientific, Functional, physiological, energetic, spiritual, and mental/emotional aspects of each being who seeks my counsel, and believe that every one of these aspects is an important piece of information for optimal healing and daily living. I strive to help people find significant connections, answers, and solutions for their soul journeys.

When I am not wearing my Healer hat, you can find me in herbal, flower, and food gardens, meditating, dancing, or snuggling with my pets at home with a yummy meal simmering in the kitchen.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing the sacred experiences of working through and with spirit to help us each achieve a greater awareness and connection of our highest selves and the powerful energies that surround and encompass, even make up, everything that exists.

Love & Light,

Dr. Kat

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