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Chapter 5: 
Mirror Work

You can join at any time. Chapters are not in any particular order.

The Calendar:

Once our group is filled, we will reach out to each member and decide on a starting month that works best for all of us.


Group meetings:

1st Monday of Month 1 - Introductions, Group Orientation, Initiation & Healing session with Dr. Kat.

Lesson: Mirror work with the Self

Physically explore your relationship to self and the divine using the mirror as your primary tool. Refine your appearance and movements to better serve your highest manifestations of self.

3rd Thursday of Month 1 - Lesson: Mirror work with the Other. Guided meditation with Dr. Kat

Take note of where and how you may be projecting your own truths, perspectives, and realities onto others. Clear away any foggy or messy interfaces that may be negatively impacting your relationships. Learn how to become a crystal clear reflection for others so you can interact with each other in the most genuine of ways.

1st Monday of Month 2 - Lesson & Activity: Mirror and Movement with Kelly Nicholson

Get grounded, open, and honest with your Self through embodied presence and intuitive movement.  


The body is an intelligent library filled with information.  When we slow down, connect to it, open it up …… space is created ……. and it begins to speak and reveal its secrets.  This opens a world of alchemical opportunity for you to move at your own pace, be your own healer and teacher and walk yourself home to the Highest expression of your Self, layer by layer.  


We will dive IN together and utilize 

the mirror and power of your reflection to amplify what’s possible.  


Includes: discussion and guided practice

3rd Thursday of Month 2 - Lesson: Mirror work for Protection. Group healing session with Dr. Kat

Use the reflective properties of the mirror to protect yourself and your physical & energetic spaces.

1st Monday of Month 3 - Lesson: Mirror work in Feng Shui.

Guided group meditation & healing session with Dr. Kat

Learn how mirrors affect what you welcome or repel based on the placement in your home and work spaces.

3rd Thursday of Month 3 - Closing statements, Group conclusion with Dr. Kat,

Sound for the Soul Guided Meditation & Sound bath by Kelly Nicholson

In our last group call, Kelly, will provide us with a Sound For The Soul, Sound bath. 


All you have to do is listen, breathe, and feel.  It is the sounds that you will hear, but it is the vibrations of sound, the sound waves, that move through all layers of your being and recalibrate your body at a cellular level.  This will support your integration and anchoring of all you’ve learned and set the stage for what’s next!


Includes: guided meditation and sound bath

Individual one-to-one meetings and distance healing sessions will be scheduled as convenient for each member

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